On Thanksgiving globalist Fauci and Jihadis are thankful for the same thing!

On this beautiful holiday the globalist poster boy “Dr.” Fauci and the leaders of Global Jihad (Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, the Taliban, ISIS, etc.) are probably giving thanks for the same thing!

Someone is selling t-shirts with this print design. Let’s hope our outrage goes beyond just venting through t-shirts!

They are probably tripping over themselves to offer thanks to their satanic “god” for all the good people in America who are full of fear and apathy!

They are super grateful for all our leaders who are cowards enough to not confront pseudo-science, medical tyranny and jihad. This includes primarily the thugs from what used to be the Democrat party in the past. But just as much it also includes spineless so-called Republicans, and so-called conservatives who refuse to be fighters for what is good and right; for America and for the Constitution.

What an amazing gift to the globalist vaccination tyrants and Global Jihad are our congressmen and women, senators, pastors, priests, and rabbis who refuse to expose and confront tyranny and terror from their official leadership positions! And the mainstream media? Thanks to Allah, they are everything a Jihadi or a globalist Vaxxocrat could dream of!

This image taken from the the Arabic-language al-Shamouk jihadist website shows promotional material for an animated cartoon an al-Qaida affiliate says it plans to roll out aimed at recruiting children into the terror network. Scenes from the proposed short film show young boys dressed in battle fatigues and participating in raids, killings and terror plots. Arabic text at top reads “Cartoon films for supporters of Qaida Jihad in the Arabia Peninsula” and in orange at top left “Coming soon.” Smaller text is indistinct. (AP Photo)

That’s right friends, the reality is that the globalist, CCP-controlled vaccine tyrants and the Jihadis could have never succeeded to steal the 2020 elections, execute their coup-by-the-ballot plan, bring America’s economy down, and expand their Jihadist-Communist takeover, if it wasn’t for all the good people of America DOING NOTHING to oppose them!

For this, Fascist Fauci and Commie Jiahdis can wholeheartedly say together THANK YOU!

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