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Watch as this Arab TV host erupts on live Egyptian TV after reading a book exposing Islam for what it is.

Is this “Islamophobia”? Is it the reaction of a man who is genuinely shocked and disgusted with the reality of what the Quran reveals?

You be the judge.

This video was removed by YouTube only days after it was published and started going viral.

It clearly shows how sadistic sharia Islamic “law” is. There’s nothing “legal” about this “law”. It’s sheer barbaric treatment of human beings. But YouTube doesn’t want this to be seen.


Below is the removal evidence from YouTube:

Here is the video, now available through our BitChute channel:


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YouTube has removed yet another video from our channel. This time the sensibilities of the censors got offended by a clip showing Austrian politician cracking a joke about the Quran being mode dangerous than the Corona virus.

Watch it here and share freely!

YouTube notice of video removal

YouTube notice of video removal

The original description of the YouTube video: IS AUSTRIA WAKING UP??? Seems so! Norbert Hofer from Austria’s ‬ ‪Freedom Party: “I do not fear corona. Corona is not dangerous. ‬ ‪The Quran is much more so.” Vienna, Austria June 16, 2020 ‬