The Firings Begin

When Biden announced his vaccine mandate, the press hardly paid attention. In fact, the mandate is going to wreck millions of lives, lead to a fundamental upheaval of the university system, and reorganize many aspects of academia and industry in this country. Hundreds of thousands or people will soon lose their jobs and either enter retirement, flee the country, or seek work in companies with fewer than 100 people which are (for now) exempt.

The biggest impact will most immediately be felt in the state of New York. The governor — a new person named Kathleen Courtney Hochul to replace the previous bad guy — is all behind the Biden order. In particular, she is imposing this on health-care workers. As many as 70,000 people will lose their jobs, even as hospitals are complaining about staffing shortages. 

The New Draft

She has issued an executive order that contemplates forcing people who are enlisted in the National Guard to be deployed as scabs to replace the people who will be fired from their jobs. It’s hard to imagine how all of this will work. It comes very close to being a form of conscription in the health sector, replacing a voluntary system with a compulsory system. It’s not going to work out well for the patient. 

The most shocking aspect of this is that it targets the very workers who put themselves on the line in the early days of the panic. The world cheered. New Yorkers stood outside their windows and sang songs as the staffing shift changes took place. They banged pans in appreciation. Here were all kinds of nurses, technicians, and doctors who put themselves in harm’s way at a time when people were unsure of the risk profile of the disease itself. 

And they gained natural immunity through exposure. They know what that means because they are all trained in virology. They know that nothing beats acquired immunity via exposure. Especially with a coronavirus with a changing profile, a vaccine cannot compare. That is precisely what 100% of the studies have shown since that time. And yet here we have governments imposing the shot on people who took the risk, gained the immunities, and now refuse to take another, and potentially more deadly risk from the vaccine that operates not like vaccines of old. 

A correspondent writes to me as follows: “My wife is a triple board certified doctor in the Bronx. She worked at the hospital that had the highest covid death rate in all of NYC. She went down hard with covid in April 2020 and missed two months of work. She recovered and went back. For 15 years she served the poor, underprivileged patients on welfare in the Bronx. None of them had private insurance. She resigned on Friday and I could not be more proud of her. She is not bowing to this tyranny. She tested her antibodies several times and they remain high. Please keep up this fight. Many many nurses took the vax against their will because they could not afford to miss a paycheck. These mandates must fail.”

The Labor Shortage 

Everywhere you go in America today you see “help wanted” signs. This is particularly true of hospitality. Restaurants are struggling for servers, cooks, hosts, kitchen help, everyone. It’s a huge mess. Owners have no idea where the workers went. Many have moved away. Some have moved home. Others have taken up other work as delivery people where they don’t have to wear masks and face vaccine mandates. 

In the middle of this mess, it’s utterly shocking and astonishing that governments would impose upon business a mandate to force people to get a vaccine that 1) is not wanted by at least half the population or probably much more, 2) is not needed by people already exposed or who would rather face the risk, or 3) does not work as advertised. 

There is another factor that is hardly ever mentioned by the American press. The reports of adverse effects of these vaccines are through the roof. Studies have already shown that young men face greater risk from them, than from getting Covid. And now many sectors of some social media are coming alive with experts worried about unthinkable effects such as cancer due to their chemical properties. 

Obviously I cannot comment on any of this because it is not my area of expertise. What concerns me is that I have many friends for whom this is their area of expertise. I’ve been asking them one by one about these frightening claims. Each one has told me the same thing: “I do not know. This is an untested vaccine and technology. No one knows.”

No one knows! Even if you are vaxxed and happy about it, this should terrify you. That our government would subsidize this thing and force it into production and then force it on nearly the whole population, even encourage and demand that business fire workers who refuse, should alarm us to our very freedom-loving souls. 

What’s worse is that no one seems to know what to do about it. Government has become strangely impervious to public pressure and public opinion. The mainstream media is nearly silent on all of this, blocking both reporting and opinionizing on all of this. 

The country is being torn into a compliant majority vs. a dissenting minority. The federal government is continuing its brutal assault on Florida. When Governor Ron DeSantis appointed a heroic doctor (PhD and MD from Harvard) as his Surgeon General, even the Florida media was incredibly hostile, grilling him on his negative views toward lockdowns and vaccine mandates. The man is Joseph Ladapo and he is the real deal. He is now a target of hatred. 

Denying Medicine 

At the same time we have mandatory medical compulsion, the Biden administration even went out of its way to redirect medicines that people want away from Florida and toward other states. The therapeutics in this case are monoclonal antibody treatments that all experts admit save lives. Nearly overnight, Florida (which had used them before anyone else) suddenly found itself cut off from the nation’s supply. They found other sources abroad but the move was a real shock. 

It feels like war, because it increasingly seems like war is the reality. The above-mentioned incident barely made the press. You probably hadn’t heard about it at all. But the Florida governor himself denounced the Biden administration for this in a press conference. Again, the media didn’t cover the news. 

When Will It All End?

This entire disaster began with two weeks to flatten the curve. Twenty months later, we have millions of workers facing termination because of their entirely reasonable resistance toward taking untested medicine, and the government ordered the National Guard into civilization hospitals in what was one of the greatest cities in the world. 

We can look at Australia today and see where this ends up. The military is on the streets, beating people for leaving their homes, spraying tear gas at protestors, and tackling people to strap paper masks on their faces. This was once a civilized and highly educated country. It has descended into madness with people unable to leave their homes, much less travel outside their region. They are prisoners. 

We are not there yet. Only the extremely naive believe that we cannot and will not go there. Two years ago, no one would have imagined that even tenured scientists at top universities would be thrown out of their jobs for refusing to go along. We are losing hundreds of thousands of health-care workers during a pandemic. The world has gone entirely insane. 

Add an economic crisis onto this and imagine where it ends up. 


Jeffrey Tucker

Editor, Gilder’s Daily Prophecy