The Last Words of the Texas Synagogue Jihadi

In a recording obtained by the British Jewish Chronicle, the Texas synagogue hostage-taker is heard ranting with a relative in Blackburn, from inside the temple.

What do we learn?

Nothing we didn’t already know about jihadis and what they are all about. Also, nothing the media would ever report the right way so as to raise awareness of the imminent threat Islam poses to the free world.

Full of Jew and America hatred, the jihadi doesn’t fail to instruct his children to follow in his path. Remarkable! It explains why Islam has survived for so long. It’s because the death doctrine of Muhammad (whether he ever existed or not), gets drilled into the psyche of Muslim kids from early on to a point where they are completely brainwashed. That’s how the vicious jihad reproductive cycle has worked for ages, is working and will continue to work.

Here’s the jihadi in his own words:

“I’ve taken hostages,” Akram can be heard saying. “I’ve been surrounded, I’m in a synagogue. I’ve come to die.”

“I promised my brother on his deathbed that I’m going to go down a martyr. I’ve got four beautiful Jewish guys, they are trying to play ball with me.”

“I’ve told them to bring her (Siddiqui) here, she’s got 84 years, they are talking to her because I’m near the prison FMC Carswell. I’m bombed up, I’ve got every ammunition. I’ve only been here two weeks and I’ve got them all at gunpoint.

“I’m gonna die. I told them I’ll release these four guys. I told them I’ll come toe to toe with you, shoot me dead, shoot her (Siddiqui) dead. Because I’m dead and she’s dead, she’s got 84 years, right? They’ve framed her. I’ve told my kids to man up, don’t cry at my funeral. ‘Cause guess what? I’ve prayed to Allah for two years for this. I’d rather live one day as a lion than 100 years as a jackal. I’ve asked Allah for this death and I’m not even worried in the slightest.”


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