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Brendan O’Niell, the editor of Spiked, is asking all the right questions after the recent attack against Hatun Tash at Speaker’s Corner in London. As you read, keep in mind Mr. O’Neill is described on his Wikipedia page as former Trotskyist, formerly a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and someone who wrote for the party’s journal, Living Marxism. Also per Wickedpedia O’Neill self identifies as a Libertarian Marxist.


In a way, we can use Mr. O’Neil as part of an imaginary metric on the spectrum of jihadist awareness. As in, “Did you hear? So-and-so is becoming aware of jihad’s war on the West almost as much as Brendan O’Neill! Way to go, Western Marxists!”

In his piece You can be stabbed for criticising Islam? he lays out all the logical reasoning any normal, decent person in the civilized world would have.

When are we going to talk about Hatun Tash? She’s the ex-Muslim and Christian evangelist who was allegedly slashed with a knife in broad daylight in Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park yesterday. And almost as shocking as the incident itself – as this horrific assault on a woman who was merely expressing her beliefs – has been the silence about it. There has been a trickle of press interest, but no big media splashes, no hashtag solidarity, no politicians expressing concerns that Britain seems to have become a country in which you criticise Islam at your peril. What is going on here?

Well, Brendan, this suppression has actually been going on for quite some time. I hope you aren’t realizing this just now. But even if you are, welcome to the club. Stay with it and your amazement will undoubtedly continue to mushroom. News like this actually abound ON A DAILY BASIS!

Let’s be real about what appears to have happened in Hyde Park yesterday – a woman known for her critical attitude towards Islam was violently assaulted with a weapon. In Britain, in the 21st century. Where are the cries of denunciation, or at least of concern? The woke left claims to be against fascism, yet it is eerily quiet about a seemingly extremist attack on a woman for holding particular beliefs. Our media elites shake their heads over online abuse, but they haven’t yet mustered up the energy to talk about this act of brutal physical abuse against a woman – an immigrant woman, at that – who was only criticising a world religion.

The hush, so far, in relation to this attack is a depressing sign of the times. Our society seems incapable of speaking honestly and frankly about Islamic extremism.

Let’s bring a little bit of a correction to Mr. O’Niell’s thinking, shall we? The issue here isn’t just “Islamic extremism”, it’s Islam itself. If and when this editor, along with the rest of the media elites begin to grasp why Hatun was actually attacked, we will start making some real progress. Gutless politicians, academics and media-for-hire have spreading for far too long the Western invention of “Islamic extremism”. Why? Because the Western Academy whitewashed Islam in their multicultural push to cast it as a “the religion of peace”, willfully shoving under the educational carpet the trail of tears and blood Islam has left in world history.

There is no such thing as Islamic extremism and Islamic non-extremism. There are only nominal Muslims who are clueless of what the Quran, the Sura and the Haith really teach, as well as clueless about the real history of Islam. And then there are Muslims who have embraced the teachings of the 7th century terrorist, a.k.a. Muhammad, and have gone full-jihad in obedience to their “Prophet”.

Mr. O’Niell offers some refreshing thoughts on the Islamophobia porn:

The secular obsession with ‘Islamophobia’ mingles with the extremist loathing for ‘blasphemy’ to create an alarming climate of intolerance. Indeed, Tash herself has often been branded an Islamophobe, a bigot and a hate preacher, including by secularist identitarians who have come to view criticism of Islam, and even apostasy against Islam, as a kind of racism. When you write someone off as evil – or, to use woke parlance, ‘phobic’ – simply for rejecting and opposing Islam, can you really be surprised when that person is attacked for being a sinful maligner of Islam?

But of course, isn’t ‘islamophobia’ the greatest sin Western people could possibly have? Weren’t 6 million Muslims butchered in Hitler’s death camps? Oops, sorry Jews, we talked long enough about what ACTUALLY happened to you. It’s now time for us to begin to talk about what COULD happen to Muslims, who have been butchering people (to the tune of 400 to 600 million in India), enslaving Africans (over 80 million of them) as well as Europeans (over 1,5 million). After all, we couldn’t afford to hate a bloodthirsty ideology like that, could we?

I’ll wrap this up with the last paragraph of Mr. O’Niell’s islamophobic rant (LOL, welcome to the club, Brendan!):

We have to get serious about freedom of speech. A country in which a teacher must go into hiding for displaying an image of Muhammad, and where an ex-Muslim can be stabbed for being ‘offensive’, and where all manner of supposedly bigoted speech can be punished with censure or censorship, is not a free country. ‘Free speech comes with consequences’ – that is the borderline threatening cry of today’s woke set. It was probably the belief of the man who attacked Ms Tash, too. Perhaps he was just visiting upon her the ‘consequences’ for her blasphemous comments. Enough. We must fully and firmly stand up for free speech, including for ex-Muslims, Christians, critics of Islam and literally everybody else.


As a former colleague used to say about stock analysts, even a broken clock is on time twice a day. Let’s hope that Western intellectual elites do better than a broken clock going forward or the front page of their favorite website might be featuring their own beheaded self in an orange jumpsuit lined up next to their comrades from the goofy Western Left syndicate.