In a recording obtained by the British Jewish Chronicle, the Texas synagogue hostage-taker is heard ranting with a relative in Blackburn, from inside the temple.

What do we learn?

Nothing we didn’t already know about jihadis and what they are all about. Also, nothing the media would ever report the right way so as to raise awareness of the imminent threat Islam poses to the free world.

Full of Jew and America hatred, the jihadi doesn’t fail to instruct his children to follow in his path. Remarkable! It explains why Islam has survived for so long. It’s because the death doctrine of Muhammad (whether he ever existed or not), gets drilled into the psyche of Muslim kids from early on to a point where they are completely brainwashed. That’s how the vicious jihad reproductive cycle has worked for ages, is working and will continue to work.

Here’s the jihadi in his own words:

“I’ve taken hostages,” Akram can be heard saying. “I’ve been surrounded, I’m in a synagogue. I’ve come to die.”

“I promised my brother on his deathbed that I’m going to go down a martyr. I’ve got four beautiful Jewish guys, they are trying to play ball with me.”

“I’ve told them to bring her (Siddiqui) here, she’s got 84 years, they are talking to her because I’m near the prison FMC Carswell. I’m bombed up, I’ve got every ammunition. I’ve only been here two weeks and I’ve got them all at gunpoint.

“I’m gonna die. I told them I’ll release these four guys. I told them I’ll come toe to toe with you, shoot me dead, shoot her (Siddiqui) dead. Because I’m dead and she’s dead, she’s got 84 years, right? They’ve framed her. I’ve told my kids to man up, don’t cry at my funeral. ‘Cause guess what? I’ve prayed to Allah for two years for this. I’d rather live one day as a lion than 100 years as a jackal. I’ve asked Allah for this death and I’m not even worried in the slightest.”


The massacre took place in the town of Romans-sur-Isère, which is south of the eastern city of Lyon, late on Saturday morning. It is consistent with the numerous suicide knife attacks carried out by Islamic State-linked jihadists in France in recent years.

The 33-year-old man, identified as Abdallah A.O., was heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” – Arabic for “Allah is the greatest” – before stabbing his victims.

When police arrived, the man was shouting “Kill me! Kill me!” but the officers managed to arrest him without harming him.

Later, France’s interior minister, Christophe Kastener, described how the man – who had arrived from Sudan several months earlier but who was not known to police – attacked his victims in a bakery, a tobacco shop and then in the street before police intervened at around 11am.

French counter-terrorism prosecutors said Abdallah had sought asylum in the country despite “complaining that he was living in a country of infidels”.

A spokesman for the office said: “During the search carried out at his home, police found handwritten documents with religious overtones in which the author of the lines complained specifically about living in a country of non-believers.”

The spokesman said an investigation had been launched into “two murders and attempted murders in connection with terrorist activity”.

He confirmed that Abdallah had stabbed to death two victims, so far unnamed, and seriously wounded seven others.

For many years, the United Kingdom was a favored destination for Sudanese “refugees”, but the closure of the so-called Jungle refugee camp in Calais has made crossing the Channel more difficult.

The jihadist was found on his knees on the pavement, praying in Arabic, prosecutors said.

Two of the wounded are in intensive care at hospitals in the Lyon area. One of them was stabbed in the bakery, after which the attacker dropped his original knife and went into the butcher’s shop to get another. After continuing with his deadly attack, the Arab jumped over the shop counter and stuck the butcher knife in his victim’s neck. He then fled into the street and began randomly lunging at anyone who got in his way.

When the police arrived, he put his hands up and demanded to be shot.

“He was screaming at the cops to kill him,” said David Oliver, a spokesman for the national police union Alliance. “All the ingredients of a terrorist act are there.”

Without identifying the assailant or his victims, Mr. Kastner confirmed that investigators were working ”in conjunction with national counterterrorism prosecutors to shed light on this drama.”

The attack was carried out during the extremely strict ban on public places due to the most recent Covid lockdown, which allows only basic shops such as bakeries, grocery stores and tobacco shops to remain open.

Ironically, only few months ago, in May this year (2021) the French President Macron was bragging about how proud he was that Sudanese would be able to enter through France and be part of the civilized world!

Saturday’s killings are part of a string of bomb, gun and knife attacks carried out by Islamic State and al-Qaeda jihadists in France in early 2015.

The deadliest terror attack in French history took place in November 2015, when 130 people were killed in Paris. Suicide bombers claiming allegiance to ISIS attacked the Bataclan concert hall, killing 90 people.

Earlier in the year, two Paris-born gunmen linked to al-Qaeda stormed the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing a total of 20 people.

In July 2016, 86 people were killed and more than 400 injured when a jihadist ploughed a 19-tonne truck into a crowd of people on a promenade in Nice, in southern France. The terrorist turned out to be a Tunisian immigrant who was shot dead by police at the scene.

In the same month, two ISIS terrorists killed an 86-year-old Catholic priest during a church service in Normandy.

Knife attacks on law enforcement forces are common in France, resulting in the deaths of police officers.

Last October, a radicalized computer specialist working in the Paris prefecture stabbed four of his colleagues. The attacker, who was also shot dead, turned out to be a Muslim convert whose computer was found to contain jihadist literature and images of al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Based on this Daily Mail report: https://2×

By Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

By using the excuse of islamophobia, in the US, Islamist lawmaker Ilhan Omar, with the support from socialists has been frantically pushing forward the agenda of getting a law passed which would ban criticism of Islamic State (ISIS), Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Houthis and all other Islamist terrorist groups, despite the fact, the term ‘Islamophobia’ itself is an invention of political Islamists who want to silence even Muslim voices who question their motives and object in their totalitarian ideology in the name of freedom of religion.

Surprisingly, the recent madness of the Democratic members of the US Congress passed House Resolution 5665 with the dangerous goal of creating a special envoy to “combat Islamophobia worldwide. This controversial bill was sponsored by Islamist Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, and her Jewish colleague Rep. Jan Schakowsky, a Democrat from Illinois.

Under the false pretense of safeguarding the Muslim minorities around the world from being persecuted or those who are “facing racism” will actually be a dangerous toll which would effectively serve the purpose of Islamist forces – those followers and preachers of political Islam and jihad worldwide. Once HR5665 becomes a law, no American citizen will enjoy the liberty of criticizing radical Islam and jihad. It will also put a large number of non-Muslim nations such as China, India, Russia etcetera into deep crisis as criticizing radical Islam and jihad would result in imposition of sanctions from the United States.

Research scholar and columnist Dalia Aqiqi, commenting on HR5665 said: “At first glance, the creation of this position seems noble as it reassures Muslim minorities around the globe who are being persecuted or facing racism that the leader of the free world is ready to acknowledge their suffering and defend them if necessary. But the reality is the opposite”.

She said: As an American Muslim, I stand against this bill along with many similar-minded Muslims who know firsthand what political Islamism is all about and are willing to fight these efforts.

The term “Islamophobia” itself is questionable, especially since it is nothing but an invention of political Islamists who wanted to silence even Muslim voices who question their motives and object to their totalitarian ideology in the name of freedom of religion.

The bill that was proudly supported by the Democratic party failed to define Islamophobia.

Does describing Hamas as a terrorist group fall into this category? What about condemning suicide bombings by Islamist jihadists? And, most importantly, would standing against the Muslim Brotherhood and its defenders make you an “Islamophobe” who deserves to be canceled?

No one has the answers, except the Islamists themselves who are trying to infiltrate the Western political system and modify it to suit their political agenda, which has nothing to do with the Muslim faith.

Otherwise, why did Omar, who claims to fight for human rights around the globe, refuse to support a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide if not for the benefit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who met her in a closed meeting in New York during the 72nd UN General Assembly before her US Congressional bid?

If we look at the organizations that contributed to the grooming and presentation of US politicians such as Omar and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, along with a significant number of Islamist candidates who ran for public office around the US, we notice that all go back to a single source, which explains the unified narrative and shared vocabulary.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which describes itself as the largest Muslim civil liberties organization, and its executive director, Nihad Awad, who does not hide his admiration for the Turkish regime and his close ties to Erdogan, is the sole source behind the recent Islamist political wave in the US.

Awad called on the congressional leadership and the Biden-Harris administration to support the legislation and make this special envoy position a reality. “While global Islamophobia, anti-Muslim state policies, and hate incidents have increased for the past two decades, the American Muslim community has consistently called for the creation of a special envoy position to monitor and combat this rising tide of hate,” he wrote.

This month CAIR gave Omar the Muslim-American public servant of the year award for “her activism in the US House of Representatives in light of her recent feud with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado), who made Islamophobic remarks about her fellow congresswoman.”

This is exactly how Islamists operate — by victimizing themselves, then glorifying their actions in the name of “Islamophobia,” while President Joe Biden paves the road for the most dangerous ideology in our modern history.

“The administration looks forward to working with Congress to ensure the Secretary of State has the necessary flexibility and permissive authority to designate such an office and special envoy and to provide for an annual report monitoring concerning acts of Islamophobia in foreign countries,” the White House said.

Americans need to comprehend that Islamists are the oppressors in their own homeland and are willing to do whatever it takes to manipulate the good nature of the average American who respects freedom of religion and expects others to do so.

Muslim politicians in the US as well as their counterpart throughout the world and the radical Islamic jihadist groups are expressing anger at the 212 Republican representatives who voted against this extremely controversial legislation and branding them as “enemies of Islam” and “patrons of Islamophobe”.

Good news is – frantic bids of the Islamists in getting HR5665 passed by the US Senate is going to take place in 2022. It is anticipated that the Senate will stop this dangerous bid. In addition to rejecting the HR5665, senators such as Ted Cruz should focus on designating the Muslim Brotherhood and re-designate Houthis as a terrorist group.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is an internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist, research-scholar, counter-terrorism specialist, and editor of Blitz. Follow his on Twitter Salah_Shoaib



The new CEO of Twitter is most probably a Muslim. He seems to be in support of jihad as well. This is what you are not going to read in any of the headlines popping up on the Interwebs following the news of Jack “Ban Trump” Dorsey stepping down from the CEO role at the far-left activist organization.


Some publications on the right have correctly raised concerns about where Parang Agrawal sits on the ideological spectrum, pointing out a tweet he posted in 2010 basically trashing white people.

A writer at the Indian website India Today, (probably a Muslim himself), points out that the tweet was quoting Aasif Mandvi from The Daily Show. As if it matters whether it was an original thought or a quote. Aasif Mandi is also a Muslim. And if he was the one who made this statement originally, this tells you all you need to know about where he stands on Jihad as well.

But as bad as Twitter’s Agrawal’s racist remark is about white people, it’s as if no one is noticing what’s equally bad or maybe even worse – this statement is a de-facto apology for Jihad!

“If they are not gonna make a distinction between Muslims and jihadists…”

Parang Agrawal, CEO of Twitter

What is the difference, Mr. Agrawal? Is Twitter allowing a free discussion on the subject matter for us to have different opinions and takes on it, so we can better understand this complex issue? Not at all.

Twitter is banning people like Laura Loomer who criticize Islam but has no problem with pro-Jihadists like Linda Sarsour, Hamas and other terror groups on it. In fact, it has been reported that jihadists probably used Twitter as part of their tech toolkit at the time of the Taliban takeover of Kabul earlier this year. What’s the difference between the Taliban and non-Taliban Afghans? We don’t know. And we’ll never be able to learn if it was up to Twitter because Jack Dorsey, probably under the influence of the Jihadist apologist, now CEO Parang Agrawal.


But who are “they” who don’t understand the difference between Muslims and Jihadists? Does he mean all white people? All Westerners? All Americans?

The reality is that people in the US (or the West in general) are still not ‘getting’ what Islam is all about. Not if all they know about Islam comes from the incomplete education most have received when it comes to the true history of Islam. Had the true history of Islam and Jihad been taught proper in Western schools in the last several decades (or even before that), people today wouldn’t be so confused. And they would know that the difference between Jihadists and Muslims who aren’t pursuing Jihad boils down to how much a Muslim adheres to the Islamic doctrine or not. The more dedicated Muslims become to obeying the Islamic doctrine, the closer they match the profile of a terrorist. Furthermore, all Muslims support Jihad because all Mosques send money to Jihadist groups in one way or another.

For example, most Westerners (and people in the world in general) completely lack understanding of the genocide Islam has been perpetrating on India since the 8th century when it first attacked. This Jihad continues on until today. Scholars say that up to 400 million Indians might have been genocided by Muslims since 711 AD.


How many school books educate students about this part of history?

Don’t expect mainstream Western media to do a due diligence on Parang Agrawal any time soon! They are too busy celebrating his appointment as a great achievement of multiculturalism in the US. Anything and anyone daring to expose him as an apologist of Jihad, will no doubt be labeled as an “islamophobe” (fake far-left, pro-Jihadi propaganda label), banned from Twitter and probably from all other mainstream social media platforms. Could this be the reason conservative websites are playing it safe and are pointing out Agrawal’s anti-white racist remarks but won’t touch the pro-Jihadist element in this same statement? Just saying.


Parang Agrawal is a tech genius, if the mainstream media is to be believed. Some of us think he’s a diversity hire. Oh, well. Whichever he is, he has access to information. Did he not know how many were the victims of Jihad in 2010 in October alone? According to the most authoritative source on this subject,, there were 121 Jihadist attacks in the first 20 days of October alone of that year alone!

That’s 366 innocent people who were killed by Jihadists and 508 wounded!

In 2010 there were 9,262 innocent people who were killed by Muslims and 17,470 wounded.

Does Parang Agrawal know these facts?

If yes, why is he making apologetic statements for Jihad? Only a Muslim who defends Jihad could think and act like this.

We can therefore make a safe bet that Parang Agrawal is a Muslim, that his wife and family are Muslim, that he was born and raised in a Muslim family and that he went to a Muslim school. Which basically means he has been an apologist for Islam his entire life, he probably has been donating money to Muslims organizations that funnel money to fund jihad, and that he will now use Twitter to extend these same influences in the United States and around the world.

Jack Dorsey has said that “Parag has been behind every critical decision that helped turn this company around.” This means he was behind the decision to ban Donald Trump, to allow Jihadists on Twitter and the banning of conservatives.

And now this same guy, a Muslim and an apologist of Islamic Jihad, is the CEO of one of the most influential US tech companies.

Orwell himself would be scratching his head if he was able to hear from the grave what the once great West has been turning into.


On this beautiful holiday the globalist poster boy “Dr.” Fauci and the leaders of Global Jihad (Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, the Taliban, ISIS, etc.) are probably giving thanks for the same thing!

Someone is selling t-shirts with this print design. Let’s hope our outrage goes beyond just venting through t-shirts!

They are probably tripping over themselves to offer thanks to their satanic “god” for all the good people in America who are full of fear and apathy!

They are super grateful for all our leaders who are cowards enough to not confront pseudo-science, medical tyranny and jihad. This includes primarily the thugs from what used to be the Democrat party in the past. But just as much it also includes spineless so-called Republicans, and so-called conservatives who refuse to be fighters for what is good and right; for America and for the Constitution.

What an amazing gift to the globalist vaccination tyrants and Global Jihad are our congressmen and women, senators, pastors, priests, and rabbis who refuse to expose and confront tyranny and terror from their official leadership positions! And the mainstream media? Thanks to Allah, they are everything a Jihadi or a globalist Vaxxocrat could dream of!

This image taken from the the Arabic-language al-Shamouk jihadist website shows promotional material for an animated cartoon an al-Qaida affiliate says it plans to roll out aimed at recruiting children into the terror network. Scenes from the proposed short film show young boys dressed in battle fatigues and participating in raids, killings and terror plots. Arabic text at top reads “Cartoon films for supporters of Qaida Jihad in the Arabia Peninsula” and in orange at top left “Coming soon.” Smaller text is indistinct. (AP Photo)

That’s right friends, the reality is that the globalist, CCP-controlled vaccine tyrants and the Jihadis could have never succeeded to steal the 2020 elections, execute their coup-by-the-ballot plan, bring America’s economy down, and expand their Jihadist-Communist takeover, if it wasn’t for all the good people of America DOING NOTHING to oppose them!

For this, Fascist Fauci and Commie Jiahdis can wholeheartedly say together THANK YOU!

Our  Western leaders; Justin Trudeau, William Clinton, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and Pope Francis assure us that Islam is compatible with Western Values.

Yet Islamic sources say otherwise.

ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Canada shares in the book, Riyad us Saliheen

“The political system of Islam is totally incompatible with western democracy. The concept of government party and the opposition is alien to Islam. All belong to one Ummah with only one goal and pursue the same aims and objects of Islamic guidelines.”

Islamic Circle of North America

Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former member of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) said, “Islamophobia is nothing more than a thought terminating cliché conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics”.[1]He also went on to say, “They (Muslim think tanks) study such movements as the gay movement and modeled islamophobia after homophobia and they use it like a bat to beat down the critics and to stifle any kind of debate and to stymie their critics.”

The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood:

“Allah is our objective, the Prophet is our leader, the Qur’an is our law, jihad is our way, dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

At the same time, Islam has been quietly promoting itself in every aspect of our lives, from government to media to education while silencing any criticism about its diametrically opposing value system.

And we, the people of the West, because of our love of tolerance, inclusion and accommodation, allow this to happen.

Diane Bederman, author, chaplain, journalist, blogger and speaker who is passionate about religion, ethics, politics, and mental health, has now published The #Islamophobia Industry: the insidious infiltration of Islam into the West

This book reveals the value system of Islam. The #IslamophobiaIndustry wants one thing, and one thing only – our silence so that Islam can spread. It is an attack on our freedom of speech. We must not let ourselves be silenced by any ideology.

We are committing suicide by democracy. Will the West bend the knee, or will we protect and defend our freedom–loving way of life?

“Author Diane Weber Bederman serves up an essential reality check about the ‘Islamophobia’ industry’s aim to shut down all criticism of Islam, while propagating the farcical view of Islam as a “race”.   This engaging exposé captures the urgency in understanding the threat to all freedoms by a doctrine that has insidiously infiltrated every layer of Western society.

Christine Douglass-Williams: International award-winning journalist and best-selling author of The Challenge of Modernizing Islam”, #1 Amazon best seller in International Institutions category

“As the memory of the 9/11 attacks twenty years ago recedes, Diane Weber Bederman’s important book The Islamophobia Industry serves as a crucial wakeup call to a Western world that, in the name of tolerance and inclusion, is succumbing to an even more insidious, internal threat – the erosion of our rights and freedoms as the value system of Islam grows in influence and power.”

Mark Tapson: Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center

Tom Quiggin, MA, CD  Mr Quiggin is a court expert on jihadist terrorism in the Federal Court of Canada and the Ontario Superior Court. He has testified both for and against followers of the Islamic faith in terrorism cases.

In this book, the author points out that moral and cultural relativism are our enemies, especially when it is insisted that all cultures are somehow equal and that all values are the same. Taking advantage of this, the author argues that an industry, called Islamophobia, is an attack on our liberty while it infiltrates and influences Western values and democracy.

Freedom of speech remains our single most important right. Without freedom of speech, all other rights and freedoms will erode to the point of irrelevance. As such, the Islamophobia industry must be stopped now.

You can purchase Diane’s book on Amazon:


Jennifer Katharine (25) has married Egyptian equestrian millionaire Nayel Nassar in a secret Muslim ceremony on the grounds of Jennifer’s estate in North Salem, New York.

A ceremony known as ‘Nikah’ is performed by Muslims. The Nikah is a religious rite that allows a Muslim couple to be lawfully married in accordance with Islamic law.

The ceremony usually includes a Qur’an reading and the exchange of vows in front of witnesses for both couples.

The Quran allows Muslim men to marry up to four women, including ‘People of the Book’, that is, Jews and Christians. Muslim women, however, are not permitted to marry non-Muslim men. Underlying the injunction is the understanding that marriage is a form of female enslavement: if a woman is bound to her husband as a slave is to her master, she could not be subordinate to an infidel.

It’s not clear if Nassar has other wives already or if he will be adding more in the future. Islam allows up to four wives as well as the right to beat them into submission if necessary.

Jennifer won’t have much to say about that and even if she did, she could be beaten into silence which is also permitted by Islamic “law”.

“…As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds, beat them…” Quran 4:34

We wish the new couple all the best as much as Shariah allows for it!


When the Fairfax County Public School Board convened for their meeting in Virginia on September 9 of this year, they had no idea what was coming their way.

Parents Defending Education was able to document the outrageous diatribe some Muslima by the name of Abrar Omeish dumped on the unsuspecting Board and the parents attending the meeting.

She goes on and on chastising America in typical jihadist propaganda style.

Thankfully, Ms. Ricardy Anderson, a member of the Board, put the hijabi in her place and exposed her for the fraud that she is.

Cries of “Islamophobia” beginning to rise in 3, 2, 1…


Now that the Taliban have won, they want everyone else in the world to pay for Afghanistan’s upkeep. Their foreign minister has warned darkly of terrible suffering to come, if huge amounts of aid are not quickly forthcoming, and at once transferred to the Taliban, whose leaders are waiting with hands confidently outstretched in Eleemosynary Position #1.

On September 13, more than $1 billion was pledged by donors, following warnings by the UN of a “looming catastrophe.” A day after that colossal sum was promised, the Taliban’s foreign minister nonetheless continued to call for aid, as if that $1 billion had not been enough.

In all of these pleas for money, the Taliban doesn’t want the world to know just how rich they are.

In the fiscal year that ended in March 2020, the Taliban reportedly brought in US $1.6 billion, according to Mullah Yaqoob, son of the late Taliban spiritual leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, who revealed the Taliban’s income sources in a confidential report commissioned by NATO.

Of that $1.6 billion, $416 million came from drugs – the sale of opium by the Taliban in markets abroad.

Mining iron ore, marble, copper, gold, zinc and other metals and rare-earth minerals in mountainous Afghanistan is an increasingly lucrative business for the Taliban. Both small-scale mineral-extraction operations and big Afghan mining companies pay Taliban Jihadis to allow them to keep their businesses running. Those who don’t pay have faced death threats.

According to the Taliban’s Stones and Mines Commission, or Da Dabaro Comisyoon, the group earns $400 million a year from mining. NATO estimates that figure higher, at $464 million – up from just $35 million in 2016….

“Taxed” industries include mining operations, media, telecommunications and development projects funded by international aid. Drivers are also charged for using highways in Taliban-controlled regions, and shopkeepers pay the Taliban for the right to do business.

The group also imposes a traditional Islamic form of taxation called “ushr” – which is a 10% tax on a farmer’s harvest – and “zakat,” a 2.5% wealth tax.

According to Mullah Yaqoob, tax revenues – which may also be considered extortion – bring in around $160 million annually.

Then there are voluntary donations to the Taliban and the Haqqani Network affiliated to it. These come from charities and trusts in the Persian Gulf countries, a region historically sympathetic to the group’s religious insurgency. These add up to about $150 to $200 million each year. In addition, private citizens, mainly in Saudi Arabia and the smaller Gulf states, as well as in Pakistan and Iran, send another $60 billion to the Haqqani Network.

The Taliban also makes money importing and exporting goods. It has a near-monopoly, for example, on the importing of auto parts. The exports include opium and looted minerals, so there may be financial overlap with drug and mining revenue. Mullah Yaqoob estimates that the Taliban makes $240 million a year from exports.

The Taliban also owns real estate in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and potentially other countries, according to Mullah Yaqoob. Yaqoob told NATO the Taliban’s annual real estate revenue is around $80 million.

The Taliban also receives funds, according to the CIA, from the governments of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran, according to numerous U.S. and international sources. Experts say these funds could amount to as much as $500 million a year, but it is difficult to put an exact figure on this income stream.

Possessing such enormous wealth, one wonders why the generous donors being asked to empty their pockets yet again for the “impoverished people of Afghanistan” do not ask the Taliban itself to pledge hundreds of millions of dollars to head off that “looming catastrophe” of hunger. Of course, why should the Taliban be expected to help “their people,” the Afghans, when dozens of foreign states can be inveigled into doing it all themselves. The Taliban is betting – correctly, I’m afraid – that the outside world hasn’t been paying attention to the Taliban’s enormous accumulation wealth, and will continue to answer the call for aid to be given to the “suffering Afghans.”

This brings me to another, very sore, point. There is one new source of colossal wealth for the Taliban. It now possesses more than $90 billion worth of American military equipment that had been left behind in the rush for the exits. Why shouldn’t the Taliban be asked to return some of that expensive weaponry, now that the fighting has ended, letting the Americans repossess it, in exchange for a goodly sum – say, a few billion dollars — in American aid to Afghan civilians, to be transferred over five years? How much of that advanced equipment can the Taliban operate, even if it does hold onto it? If the Taliban turns down that offer, it will look bad in the eyes of the world. Why, many will ask, does the Taliban need all that weaponry, since the group has been proclaiming its peaceful intentions? Having won the war, it now claims to be entirely peaceful, has no claims on territory elsewhere, and assures us that it will not permit terrorists to ever again use Afghanistan as a base. And if it turns down that most generous American offer of aid, would it want to be seen as callously indifferent to the misery of the Afghans, with tens of millions of them now living in poverty, by refusing such a sensible deal?


I guess Minnesotans really want to know all about Islamophobia more than people in any other state in the union in the last 12 months.

You can see for yourself this google trends report showing clearly Minnesota leads every other state in the US when it comes to searching all things Islamophobia.

If nothing else, this is good news at least in one aspect – it’s a confirmation this website is doing exactly what it should be – competing against a plethora of Minnesota based, pro-jihadist propaganda websites. The idea here is to create content for an audience wanting to know about this issue.

The reality is that currently pro-Jihadist entities are the ones dominating this space. They are ceaselessly spewing out all kinds of propaganda about ‘Islamophobia’ and hardly anyone has ever bothered to oppose them.

Until now.

But why you might ask? Why haven’t others attempted to counter this jihadist propaganda?

Here’s my guess: people who don’t buy the “Islamophobia” BS simply roll their eyes and switch to a different channel. What they don’t understand is the power of perception and how propaganda works.

It doesn’t matter that Islamophobia is a bogus label the Left came up with in their eternal quest for new victimhood candidates. It doesn’t matter that it’s a total hoax. You and I may know this but the liberal media knows that the masses don’t get it.

Every time the media begins to push certain narrative, it has nothing to do with whether it makes sense or not, or if it’s true or not. All that matters to the globalist propaganda machine is that it works. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, dear Minnesotans who are searching for Islamophobia and what it means and what it’s all about, let’s make this easy for you: Islamophobia is a fake code word invented by shameless leftists in order to shame YOU into silence.

Islamophobia has worked for them very well in the last 20 years and they want to ride this thing until the wheels come off.

The goal of the Islamophobia hoax is to condition you to suppress your common sense and your very survival instinct. It’s meant to cast jihadist as victims who kill us, blow us up and terrorize us…so they can defend themselves. Because we’re so racist and Islamophobic, right?


The real racist and “supremacist” are the likes of Saudi Arabia, Somalia and a host of other jihadist countries whose entire purpose of existence is to do the will of their made up “deity” and subjugate the world for Islam.

They will fall. The sultan has no clothes! Their lies will be exposed for all to see. Our Islamophobic efforts will succeed 😉