The confessions of a hijabi Muslima reveal deep psychological trauma

A Muslim woman raised in a strict sharia observant Muslim family has revealed some of the mental and emotional torment Muslim women are subjected to since the time they are little. Her confessions and cries for help were published on Reddit. It’s heartbreaking to realize millions of girls around the world are subjected to psychological, emotional, social and even physical denigration through the oppressive demand of forcing women to wear the hijab since they are little.

This is what the nameless Muslima had to say about her experience of taking the hijab off in public for the first time since she was a kid.

I took my hijab off for a day and don’t know how to feel

I was raised in a very strict Islamic upbringing and have been wearing the hijab for 11 years (since I was 12). I also used to be amongst those who judged non-hijabis hard “for not following Allah’s commandments”. I never thought in a million years I would ever take it off. I did strongly believe in the hijab and there was a point I loved wearing it, but recently after reading more into it I’m starting to believe it’s not mandatory. I’m still very confused on this issue on whether it’s obligatory or not, so I decided to try taking it off for one day. The entire basis of my upbringing was almost based on the hijab so it’s something I had to think about for a long time.

But I’m having a lot of mixed feelings towards this experience of taking it off and frankly don’t know what to make of it. I thought that by doing this I’ll get some sort of clarity on this issue I’ve been struggling with for a while and that by the end of it, I’ll know which path is right for me. But I’m still just as confused.

Today, I decided to go out without my hijab. Before so, I asked God to guide me on this issue, and that by the end of it I’ll get some clarity. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was expecting. Getting out of the car, it was pretty surreal. One thing that shocked me was the wind blowing in my hair. I haven’t felt that since I was a child. It felt so nice. There were women passing by, and I felt more like one of them – a normal person; me being me. I went to workout, people were friendly as usual. I didn’t feel like anything changed and in fact, I felt like I blended in more to the background and that people didn’t perceive me as much. This felt weird but also really nice.

Afterwards, I went grocery shopping. Going through the aisles, no one really gave me the time of day (not that I expected them to?). For some reason, I thought I would be treated better but it was more of the same. I realized that I was feeling SUPER self conscious. I tried speaking to a worker and I couldn’t even make eye contact when usually I’ll be confident. I think I was a bit ashamed to be me.

There were moments where I just wanted to cry from the realization that other women were allowed to live so “free” (I hate using that word). At the same time, the hijab did give me a sense of identity, something that represents my faith (in today’s world), and allowed me to feel accepted in my family/Muslim community. But my hijab has been policed so much. In fact right before I went out, my Dad commented that “some of my neck was showing and to fear God” (I put the hijab on before I went out, my parents would go ballistic if they found out) which…made me so sad.

I don’t know why I’m writing this, but I’m trying to make sense of this experience. I still don’t know what to do going forward. I am incredibly scared that I’m off the right path and condemned to hell, but I also feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be. The hijab is such a minuscule issue, but for some reason the relationship with my parents/community depends on it. At this point I don’t know what to make of everything.

Here Ex-Muslim Anni Cyrus describes her experience being forced to wear the hijab as a 9-year-old in Iran.

Yasmine Mohammed, a former hijabi Muslima, talks to Ridvan Aydemir, a.k.a. “Apostate Prophet”, about No Hijab Day and everything that’s wrong with the hijab.


Saudi Arabia demands the U.N. to “eliminate” Islamophobia

The government of Saudi Arabia has now officially jumped on the Islamophobia bandwagon. Perhaps because they see how well this propaganda is working.

The Saudis have now asked the United Nations to start “eliminating” Islamophobia. Yes, to “eliminate” Islamophobia! In light of this it behooves us to take a look at how Saudi Arabia itself is ranking when it comes to human rights.

In Saudi Arabia there is a law in place since 2007 that will prosecute individuals who use the internet to spread racism and hatred. The fines are up to one year in jail, over 130,000 dollars in fines, or both.

What can we say, except that the Saudis have once again proven what we have been saying for a long time.

Muslims are shameless!

The Saudis are one of the worst violators of human rights in the world. It is safe to say that there is no religious freedom in Saudi Arabia whatsoever. Here you can read the 2018 Department of State Saudi Arabia report. It basically says that Saudi Arabia is governed by Sharia Law. Sharia Law means Islamic supremacy. Muslims have all the rights, the infidel has the right to put up with being treated like a dog, or worse.

“Slay the unbelievers wherever ye find them…”
The Quran, Verse 9:5

We’ll just leave it at that, and we’ll let you decide what such shamelessness tells you about Muslims today.

The Muslim Pets Of Minnesota Democrats

All religions are purportedly equal in America but in Minnesota there’s only one that’s exalted, praised and promoted by those in the DFL, in and out of office, to say nothing of their handmaidens in the media. They aren’t subtle about it and that’s the point: some barely literate, welfare dependent & criminally active dude from Somalia is far better than you, and your family, who have lived here in Minnesota for generations.

They’re not white and you are. This is their literal calculus; they’re importing any Third World underclass in order to stay in power, the Great Replacement. That Islam is the most violent, regressive, divisive and per se hateful religion in human history is simply value added to the Cultural Marxists now regnant in this state.

I’ve written about the dangers of Islam in the West for as long as I’ve been writing here, or at Alpha News and elsewhere, for more than a decade. I used to be younger. But the message doesn’t age and so I couldn’t help but be struck by the next-level audacity, the sheer contempt and in-your-faceness of Governor Walz, parroted by his lower echelon minions in state government, who last month wished the forcibly-imported-into-Minnesota Muslims a Happy Ramadan.

To use their phrase: this isn’t who we are. Nor, certainly, wish to become.

There is, theoretically, nothing wrong with a public official wishing the adherents of one religion or another well on their particular holiday. Personally I’m not fond of it, rather French in fact, when it comes to L’etat and religion. But America was founded and created by Christians, mostly Dutch & British Protestants. So the public square has always contained the uncontainable, God. It should continue to do so.

The trick is to get it right and here Governor Walz and his troops didn’t at all and by design. Governor Assistant Football Coach (h/t Sheila Kihne PBUH) was noticeably absent from a daily briefing about the Wuhan virus in Minnesota recently. A credulous Minnesota media repeated his lie that he was observing Good Friday, no questions asked.

The real reason for his absence was that he was caught out in a lie the day before, Holy Thursday, denying he’d predicted there would be 20,000 dead in Minnesota. To which Tom Hauser said: “We have it on tape.”

There were no Easter greetings to the Christians of Minnesota by the Governor. They’re the enemy and I don’t exaggerate. If you think I do, may I suggest you haven’t been paying attention?

Later on Good Friday he tweeted a picture of himself and his daughter, both moronically wearing face masks outdoors. Some observance of the Ultimate Sacrifice, God become Man and slaughtered for our sake. That I’m no longer a Christian (but not an atheist) makes no difference in being able to recognize the calculated slight. Perhaps it heightens it.

I’m able to see clearly how the Regressive Left weaponizes one religion, while denigrating others, in particular the one which is responsible for the creation of America, modernity itself and which no amount of Third World immigrants can sustain.

Which is the point.

Their goal is to attack and discredit the very notions upon which America was created. In Minnesota, they’re succeeding, in no small part because of a weak, insipid and cowardly entity known as the Republican Party of Minnesota, its elected officials, adherents, donor and lobbyist class.

If you ever find yourself in a foxhole with one of them, put a bullet in the back of their head. Don’t aim for the brain, you’ll likely miss that small target; focus on the brain stem.

They’re reptiles, after all.

As everyone knows by now, the City of Minneapolis, in cooperation with the terrorist affiliated CAIR, has commanded that the call to prayer be blared out in the squalid ghetto known as Cedar-Riverside during Ramadan. Everyone in that area who isn’t a Mohammedan is oppressed in public. They don’t matter.

What’s happening in our midst in Minnesota has been played out repeatedly in Europe. There’s one playbook and it’s being run here with frightful little opposition, thoughtful or otherwise. You can read all about it in Douglas Murray’s book “The Strange Death of Europe.”

There’s little public or organized opposition to the exaltation of Mohammedism over Christianity or indeed any other religion. There should be and I’ve done my bit, will continue to. The insistence by Muslim immigrants wherever they land in Western countries that they’re special and needs must have unique accommodations is a demand made by no other group. It deserves to be rejected out of hand.

Islam isn’t special except in its depravity.

Allah was a desert moon god before Mohammad coopted the concept and incorporated it into his derivative religion, a mish mash of Christianity & Judaism, brought forth in the 7th Century and then spread by violence, slaughter and conquest. As you read this, the Muslim slave trade thrives in North Africa. Don’t expect Gov. Walz or the local media to mention that, however.

There are a number of brave citizen groups throughout the state who fight back against being replaced, being ethnically cleansed in their homeland and the homeland of their ancestors, being told that cretins like Ilhan Omar are more American than they and their families are. They are right to resist, to object and to reassert that this country belongs to them and to those who, as President Trump is frequently wont to say, love our people and our values.

They adjust to America; we don’t adjust to them. Within reason of course: it’s mostly Protestants who get publicly drunk now on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Somalis aren’t the only Muslim subgroup in Minnesota but they’re certainly the largest and most visible. Why, then, do they commit so much crime? Why is welfare dependency so great? Why, still, do 80% of them not speak English at home? All of this goes unreported, of course, because it conflicts with the corrosive narrative pushed by the Cathedral.

These are legitimate questions a free people can and should ask. You’ll be punished, on or off line, for doing so but you simply have to persist. After the name calling, the Cultural Marxists have nothing.

Not being afraid is their greatest fear.


Reprinted with permission. Original post: John Gilmore, Minnesota Conservatives