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Turkey working on making the Taliban a NATO ally

The picture is becoming clearer by the day. This may explain why Joseph Biden has been treating the Taliban jihadists as allies, leaving behind for them more weapons systems that what some actual NATO member countries possess. It’s because what Turkey has probably been working on for a long time: make the Taliban an ally […]

Watch Biden vowing he’ll make Islam mainstream

Joseph Biden isn’t indifferent to how prominent Islam will become in America. This much we know because more than once he made references to Islam during his 2020 presidential campaign. While many commentators are blasting him for his lack of leadership, the argument can be made that he did exactly what he wanted to do: […]


French Muslimas Demand Hijabs in Soccer

French Muslimas are creating fake drama in France over not being able to wear hijabs when they play soccer. The question is why stop at demanding hijabs only? Why not wear full niqab or burqa? They will be considered even more pleasing to Allah. What happens if they reach for the ball and they spread […]

US Army Vet Turned Jihadist Indicted On Terrorism Charges

And there you have it! US Army vet-turned-jihadist has been indicted on charges of planning on inflicting ‘mass casualties’ on civilians in 2019 in Long Beach, California. Anyone still wondering what multiculturalism produces? There you have your Exhibit A! 🎤🎤🎤 LISTEN TO THE PODCAST EPISODE ABOUT THIS STORY You can read the official DOJ press […]