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Islam Is Not A Religion And Ex-Muslims Are The Living Proof

Every time some confused or ignorant Western soul begins to apologize for Islam, we should begin to talk about ex-Muslims. Every time someone begins to talk about ‘islamophobia’, we should begin to talk about what ex-Muslims have to go through. Islam’s house of cards collapses completely and instantly once this issue is raised. According to […]

Red-pilling America? Yes, we can!

Friends, below I share few thoughts on the subject of ‘Islamophobia’, free speech, technology and the Islamophobia Watch project. While we are watching in disbelief how the illegitimate “president” Biden is dismantling so much of what was done by the Trump administration to secure America, let’s not overlook the fact that striking down “the Muslim […]


Director Ricky Schroder speaks to the American people

Ricky Schroder is a great American! He is an actor, producer, and  director with a career spanning 40 years. A man who has chosen the narrow path, and a true freedom-loving patriot. Listen to his impassioned on the day fraudulent usurper Joseph Biden was installed as “President” of the United States: Ricky Schroder is a […]


PODCAST: Globalists and Jihadis are SHAMELESS

30 years deep into the islamophobia propaganda era, spineless Western governments who have sold out to globalism continue to pander to global jihad. The UK Government even appointed an imam as a “minister of islamophobia” as if it were. And yes, they had the arrogance to call him ‘independent”. But how can they do that, […]

VIDEO: Katie Hopkins Uncensored

Katie Hopkins talks to MAGASOTA Founder Michele Even in a rare long-form video and completely UNCENSORED. For more on MAGASOTA check out: https://www.magasota.com/ Behind-the-scenes commentary: https://www.patreon.com/islamophobia